"True sustainability means balancing economic growth, infrastructure development and creating small business and job opportunities - while lowering our emissions and overall impact on the environment."
Hermann Erdmann, CEO, REDISA

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"The take, make and waste approach of traditional, linear business models has now begun to choke economic growth through unpredictable raw material prices and the increased cost of depending on less stable supplies of constrained resources."
Peter Lacy, Managing Director, Accenture Strategy
"For a sustainable world, the transition from linear to a circular economy is essential. A circular economy aims to decouple economic growth from the use of natural resources by using these resources more effectively."
Frans van Houten, CEO, Royal Philips
"The main potential contribution of the European Commission to the circular economy is to make sure the framework conditions like legislation, finance and market instruments, are in place so that businesses have the confidence to invest in circular economy systems"
William Neale, Member of the European Commission for Environment
"Circular economy is a trigger for innovation that requires a new generation of materials as well as development and production processes"
Frans van Houten, CEO, Royal Philips
"I view closed loop and circular economy as synonymous. We want to make sure any consumer good can be recycled back into another product continually."
Ron Gonen, director of the Closed Loop Fund
"One day soon, a circular economy will be business as usual."
Bart Goetzee, Head of circular economy program, Royal Philips
"The circular economy is trying to clear up the big confusion we have around how to use products in the first place"
Martin Stuchtey, director of McKinsey's sustainability and resource productivity division