Award winning entrepreneur helps youth repurpose old tyres

Roche van den Berg is the entrepreneur who started Roche Recycle Re-love – a recycling business that makes beautiful creations from the rubber found in waste tyres and is spreading the knowledge through community upliftment and development projects

Roche Recycle Re-love is a registered recycler with REDISA who provides Van den Berg’s business with waste tyres at no charge.
The relationship with REDISA has seen her being awarded with the ‘Investing in People Award’ at the Annual REDISA Recognition Award ceremony held in May. Roche has made a direct impact in various communities and was celebrated for her full commitment to the ‘Waste into Worth’ concept.

Roche dedicates her time in townships by finding young people without work, and coaches them on the process from making the products, to selling and ultimately creating their own business. Roche has become an inspiration to the youth she interacts with and enthuses them with joy and passion.

“One can either see the ugly in what something is or you can notice the beauty of what it can become”

Roche Van den Berg.

Here’s a list of some brilliant creations you can make with your old tyres;

  1. Tyre and yarn ottoman
  2. Intricate tyre lamps
  3. Tyre mirror frame
  4. Tyre and yarn planter
  5. Garden tyre table
  6. Tyre subwoofer
  7. Tyre swing
  8. Tyre garden stairs
  9. Tyre umbrella stand
  10. Tyre playground


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