Sustainable processes brought to life by car manufacturers

KIA Motors is a car manufacturer whose ongoing efforts to introduce more environmentally sustainable production methods have resulted in lower greenhouse gas emissions levels, less waste and reduced water use across its domestic production sites.

KIA’s focus on improving production includes the reduction of the raw materials used in the manufacturing of its vehicles. A single vehicle uses 22.1% less steel and 11.7% less paint compared to vehicles produced in 2003. This has resulted in a 21.5% per-unit reduction in the volume of materials required in producing an individual car, since 2003.

As water is a finite resource, the manufacturer has introduced a range of conservation measures, including employee water conservation campaigns and stemming cooling water overflow to improve water recovery rates from condensed steam produced during car manufacture. KIA claims its water use has decreased by 5.5% in total volume in 2015 from 2014, and per-unit consumption of water is down 38.5% since 2003.

Recycling initiatives within the various plants have increased substantially. The company has managed to find alternative uses for 93.7% of the waste it produces. There are programmes in place to recycle and re-use paint and thinners and the other waste that is being used to produce cement for construction.

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