Waste Tyres Curb Cable Theft

Cable theft is estimated to cost the South African economy over R7 billion a year; however, industrious South Africans are finding new ways to curb this increasing problem.

Scarab Cable Protection (PTY) Ltd, established in 2010, is a company in Heidelberg that creates products which deter would-be cable thieves. Using waste tyres, the company designs customised protection for electrical cables, transformers and other electrical and strategic installations. This includes clam cable protection which acts as an anti-digging device, and wave cable protection which is used at high-risk tunnels, bridges and railways. Waste tyres provide a great material for cable security as they are durable and not easily broken down.

A key challenge, common for many small businesses and start-ups, is inadequate funding. REDISA’s (Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa) approach to entrepreneurship, business development and empowerment has provided Scarab with a solution to their funding challenge. In the first two years of registering with REDISA Scarab Cable Protection received an infrastructure development grant of 31c a kg from REDISA, which allowed the business to improve existing infrastructure and expand the business.

Scarab Cable Protection is certainly proof that there is opportunity to be found in products otherwise disregarded as waste. The company’s client base has grown substantially since 2010 and its customers now include Sasol, Anglo Coal, Transnet and City Power.

For more information, have a look at: www.scarabsystems.org