Climate change will change more than the weather

New studies have shown that climate change will change more than the weather, and as British Prime Minister David Cameron said, “man-made climate change is one of the most serious threats that this country and this world faces.”

Here is what we can expect in the coming decades once climate change is in full effect:

More crime

A new study by Cambridge environmental economist Matthew Ranson predicts that over the remainder of this century, rising temperatures in the United States will lead to an additional 22,000 murders, 180,000 cases of rape, and 1.3 million burglaries, among other crimes.

The numbers are based on existing crime data and broadly accepted projections for temperature change.

Ranson’s study is based on decades of research on crime related to temperature, which is correlated with new research on how climate change could destabilize societies in ways beyond melting polar ice and rising seas.

“I think that these studies as a whole are suggesting that violence and conflict are part of the larger costs of climate change,” Ranson says.

Climate change refugees
Many people flee their countries typically because of poverty, political instability and war, but according to researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney, climate change refugees are going to be a common sight in the world in the coming years.

Researcher Dr Elaine Kelly warned the Australian government to prepare for an influx of climate change refugees in the coming years from neighbouring countries that face ever increasing risks from cyclones, rising sea levels and more severe droughts. “The reality is climate change will provoke more displacement, and displacement of those who are most poor,” says Dr Kelly, a UTS Chancellor’s Post-Doctoral Research Fellow.

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